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1st Choice Collision Grand Opening June 2006
ABWA American Business Women Association
     Bar-B-Que Dinner Nov 2008
     Fish Dinner Nov 2009
Academy Sporting Goods
     Grand Openings in Southern Louisiana
     Six Grand Openings New Orleans, Harahan, Slidell,
     Houma, Baton Rouge, and Hattiesburg, MS
Ackerman Wedding Crawfish Boil June 2005
AEG Association of Environmental Engineering Geologist
     Annual Meeting Mardi Gras Parade Mussee Conti

Aldersgate United Methodist Church
     Feed the 5000 Thanksgiving Dinner
     Nov 2004 - 2009
     Thanksgiving Dinner for the workers
     Feb 2004 - 2009
Algiers Navy Base Retirement Party Feb 2009
Amen Corner Horse Farm Banquet Party Jan 2008

America's Best Picnic May 2007
Anchorage Condos Cocktail Party Aug 2007
Angio Dynamics Cajun Party Jul 2006
Anniversary Luau Party Waveland, MS Aug 2007
Arcade Wedding Italian July 2007
Art in The Pass Festival
     April 2003 - 2008
Atlanta Crawfish Boil Jun 2003
Audubon Appraisers
     Crawfish Boil May 2007
     Crawfish Boil May 2008
Automotive Air
     Jambalaya June 2002- 2004
B-Day Party in Pass Christain, MS Jul 2007
Bachelors Club of New Orleans
     Annual Mardi Gras Party
     Jambalaya 2005 - 2010
Baker Christmas Dinner Dec 2007
Banner Ford
     Jambalaya Sept 2002
     Jambalaya Mar 2004
     Fish Fry April 2004
     Crawfish Boil June 2004
     Crawfish Boil Feb 2005
Bates Retirement Cochon de Lait Feb 2009
Bayou Lacombe Art League Jambalaya July 2009
Bayou Oaks Plantation
     Lunch May 2007
     Picnic May 2008
Belle Chase Navy Base Retirement Party Mar 2009
Bertucci Construction
     Christmas Party Dec 2006
     Christmas Party Dec 2007
Bethaney Lutheran Church
     Hurrican Katrina Jambalaya Feed the Parish Sep 2005
Biloxi Seafood Festival
     Sept 2002 - 2008
Bobby Jindal Election Campagine (Governor of Louisiana)
     Jambalaya Sept 2006
Bodock Festival Ponototoc, MS Aug 2007
Boy Scouts of America
    Awards Banquet Nov 2008
     Awards Banquet Jan 2010
     2010 District Officers Workshop Mar 2010
Brehm Cochon de Lait May 2007
Brown Crawfish Boil Mar 2008
Cajun Mexican Wedding Picayune, MS Jul 2005
Camellia Club
     Brisket with Crawfish Dinner May 2007
     Bar-B-Que Nov 2008
     Bar-B-Que May 2009
Camp Villerie
     Jambalaya Lunch Nov 2008
Carquest Fish Fry May 2007
Casino Magic
     Crawfish Boil June 2003
     Cochon de Lait July 2003
Cazaubon-Koepp Wedding Madisonville, LA
     Cochon de Lait May 2005
Cazaubon Crawfish Boil June 2005
Chef Soiree March 2009
Chevron Enviromental Management
     Cajun Lunch Oct 2009
     Christmas Lunch Dec 2009
     Jambalaya & Crawfish May 2008
Christ Church
     Fish Fry Mar 2005 - 2009
     Parish Dinner June 2006 - 2009
     Church Picnic Sept 2006 - 2009
     Annual Super Bowl Gumbo 2007 - 2010
     Mothers Day Lunch May 2007 - 2009
     Lobster Boil June 2007 - 2009
     ECW Advent Lunch Dec 2007 - 2009
     Laua July 2008 - 2009
     New Comers Lunch Oct 2008
     Youth Weekend May 2009
     Mens Club Crawfish Boil May 2009
     Vestry Retreat July 2009
Christian Singles Society Dinner June 2007
Citizens Academy Training
     Jambalaya Lunch Nov 2008
     Jambalaya Lunch Apr 2009
     Jambalaya Lunch Oct 2009
City of Slidell
     Olde Town Alive Friday Night
CMoney Investments
     Christmas Party Dec 2006 - 2009
Coggins/Gentry Ford Grand Opening Oct 2007
Cortez B-Day Fish Fry Baton Rouge Oct 2008
Coulter Cocktail Party @ TYC Aug 2007
Cowand Shrimp Boil June 2005
Crawfish Boil at Live Oaks Ranch
Crawfish Boil in Indiana April 2010
    The Cathedral of Saint James Episcopal Church
     St. Agustine Catholic Church
     First United Methodist Church
Crawfish Boil New Orleans May 2007
Creative Events
     Cochon de Lait Bay St. Louis, MS Aug 2006
     Shrimp Boil & Oyster B-Day Party July 2007
Crescent City Hockey League
     Crawfish Boil June 2004
Crescent City Soccer League
     Crawfish Boil May 2004
Crew of Raft St. Pauls School BSL,MS Feb 2005
Custom Events Crawfish Boil Madison, MS May 2006
Dales Auto Repair
     Cochon de Lait Oct 2004
Dallas Wedding June 2009
Danjean Crawfish Boil Pearl River, LA May 2005
Day-Austin Wedding St. Joseph Plantation Vacherie, LA
Dionysus Carnival Club
     King & Queen Dinner Oct 2005
     Carnival Ball Jan 2006
     Kings Dinner Feb 2006
     Crews Breakfast Feb 2006
     Raffle Dinner Sept 2006
     Kings Dinner Dec 2006
     Queens Dinner Dec 2007
     Raffle Dinner Sept 2008
Don Bohn Ford
     Crawfish Boil May 2002 - 2003
Drilling & Completions Cajun Party Nov 2007
Dynamic Associates
     Christmas Lunch Dec2004
     Golf Tournament Jambalaya Oct 2008 - 2009
     Safety Lunch Jambalaya Jan 2009
Equestrain Therapy Center of Slidell
Eustis Engineering Bar-B-Que Picnic City Park Oct 2007
     Crawfish Boil & Cajun Party June 2009
     Crawfish Boil May 2008 - 2009
     New Orleans Picnic Oct 2009
First Baptist Church Slidell, LA
     School Fair May 2003 -2004
     Sweetheart Lunch Feb 2008 -2009
Fleming Wedding Cochon de Lait Apr 2009
Ford Grand Opening Amite, LA Oct 2007
Friends of Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries
     Jambalaya & Alligator Sausage Lacombe Crab Festival
     June 2007 - 2009
     Wild Things Festival Oct 2007- 2009
FSP Solutions
     Golf Tournament Jambalaya Oct 2008 - 2009
Globial Data Systems Cawfish Boil Grand Isle May 2005
Gonsior Crawfish Boil Mandeville, La Mar 2007
Gonzales Jambalaya Party June 2006
Gourment Galla (K bar B Youth Ranch)
     Sept 2006
     Sept 2007
     Sept 2008
Graduation Party Mississippi State May 2007
Guidant Corporation Cajun Party Aug 2006
Gulf States Seafood Jambalaya Houma, LA June 2002
Habanos of Slidell Wine Cellar
     Mardi Gras Jambalaya Feb 2007 - 2010
Habitat Thanksgiving Turkeys Nov 2007
Haiti Disaster Fund Raiser Mar 2010
Harbor Carwash Crawfish Boil June 2006
Havard Pest Control
     Christmas Dinner Dec 2004 - 2008
Harvest Church
      Church Picnic July 2006
Haun B-Day Cochon de Lait Oct 2008
Heart & Vascular Clinic Crawfish Boil May 2005
Heart Hospital of Louisiana
     Crawfish Boil Mar 2004
     Doctors Dinner Mar 2005
     Crawfish Boil May 2005
     Bar-B-Que May 2005
     Music DJ Aug 2005
     Laua Aug 2005
     Carwash Gumbo & Jambalaya May 2006
     Cajun Party June 2006
     Fish Fry May 2009
Herlitz-Cortez Wedding Baton Rouge, LA May 2008
Hertz Mgm WWL-Radio Lunch May 2007
Heumann B-Day Party Aug 2005
Home Depot Gulfport, MS Christmas Party Dec 2004
Hornbeck Offshore
     Monthly Lunches and Dinner
     Special Events
     June 2007 -  Nov 2009
Horse Shows Pearl River, LA
Indian Hills Nudist Park
     Fish Fry Jul 2005
     Nude Bike Festival Aug 2005
Ja-Roy Pest Control
     Fish Fry Aug 2005 - 2008
Journey Fellowship Church
     Jambalaya Jun 2006
     Jambalaya May 2007
     Jambalaya July 2008
Junior Auxiliary of Slidell
     Annual Lunch May 2008
     Christmas Lunch Dec 2008
     Annual Lunch May 2009
Kevin Davis (St. Tammany Parish President)
     Election Galla Jan 2008
KingPin Bar NO,LA Sept 2003
Knights of Columbus Fish Fry Houma, LA June 2002
Konos Christmas Party Dec 2006
Krew De la Boutte Dominique
     Krew Ball and Dinner Feb 2008
     Wedding Crawfish Boil Apr 2007
     Chicken fry Aug 2007
Lacombe Crab Festival
     June 2004 - 2005
     June 2007 - 2009
Lamarque Chrysler
     Gumbo & Bar-B-Que May 2003
Lamarque Dodge
     Bar-B-Que Oct 2003
Lamarque Ford
     Fish Fry Mar 2002
     Fish Fry June 2003
     Crawfish Boil May 2005
Lamarque Nissian
     Fish Fry Mar 2003
     Crawfish Boil May 2003
     Fish Fry Feb 2005
Le Cotillion
     Fish Fry Oct 2006
     Cocktail Party Dinner Nov 2007
     Dinner June 2008
     Fish Fry Aug 2008
     Bar-B-Que Oct 2009
Little Oak School
     Cochon de Lait May 2009
Live Oaks Ranch
Louisiana Colonials
     Frish Fry Oct 2006
Louisiana Air Guard Jambalaya Belle Chase & Hammond

Louisiana Medical Center and Heart Hospital of Louisiana
     Crawfish Boil Mar 2004
     Doctors Dinner Mar 2005
     Crawfish Boil May 2005
     Bar-B-Que May 2005
     Music DJ Aug 2005
     Laua Aug 2005
     Carwash Gumbo & Jambalaya May 2006
     Cajun Party June 2006
     Fish Fry May 2009
Louisiana National Guard Belle Chase & Lake Front
Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Dinner Oct 2009
Lowery Wedding Dallas, TX June 2009
Loyola University
     Graduation Party May 2008
     Jambalaya Mar 2006
Lussen Wedding Crawfish Boil May 2009
Madisonville Wooden Boat Festival
     July 2004- 2008
Mandeville Seafood Festival
     July 2004 - 2005
     July 2008
Marguerites Bakery
     Jambalaya Dec 2007 - 2009
Marina Cay Condos
     Fish Fry July 2004
     Fish Fry July 2005
     Fish Fry Aug 2006
Marquez Cochon de Lait Folsom, LA Feb 2008
Marriott Hotels
     Bar-B-Que Apr 2009
     Bar-B-Que July 2009
     Cajun Dinner Oct 2009
Marriott Courtyard
     Bar-B-Que June 2009
Martin B-Day Bar-B-Que Harahan, LA Oct 2007
Mayflower Society Summer Social Picnic June 2009
Memorial Day Jambalaya Mandeville, LA May 2006
Mendez Crawfish Boil May 2006
Miami Anniversary Party Feb 2008
Mississippi College
     Fish Fry Oct 2005
     Homecoming Sept 2007
Moisant Wedding Carriere, MS
     Mexican-Cajun Wedding July 2005
Mullet Festival
     Oct 2003 -2008
Nick Wedding Bayou Oaks Plantation Nov 2009
Northshore Harley Davidson Christmas Party Dec 2007
Oreck Vacuum Cleaners Bar-B-Que Sept 2006
Orkin Pest Control Baton Rouge, LA
     Fish Fry May 2004
     Fish Fry Nov 2004
PBI Granite Crawfish Boil Harahan, LA June 2003
Pelican Athletic Gumbo & Jambalaya Apr 2007
Pentecostal Church of Slidell
     Work Party Alligator Lunch Jan 2009
     Work Party Alligator Lunch June 2009
Perron Wedding Pass Christian, MS Oct 2009
Pest Control School Fish Fry Mobil,AL Mar 2005
Phillips B-Day Party Mandeville, LA Oct 2006
Pittari-Sheppard Wedding Lacombe, LA Mar 2008
Planetta Custom Built Homes Cochon de Lait Aug 2006
Pontchartrain Yacht Club
     St. Patricks Day Mar 2005
     Jamaican Party July 2006
     Music DJ July 2006
Political Fund Raiser April 2009
Puglise Wedding St. Lukes Church Oct 2008
Rainforest Carwash
     Jambalaya Houma, LA May 2004
     Jambalaya Hattiesburg, MS July 2006
Raising Canes Cochon de Lait Baton Rouge,LA Aug 2005
Ray Brandt Nissian
     Fish Fry Mar 2005
     Fish Fry Mar 2006
     Fish Fry Aug 2006
Ray Brandt Dodge
     Fish Fry Oct 2006
Raymond James Investments Bar-B-Que Oct 2006
Resource Bank Grand Opening Oct 2007
Riley Wedding Shower Crawfish Boil Live Oaks Ranch
Robert Berning Productions Crawfish Boil May 2006
Roberts Retirement Party Fish Fry Nov 2008
Robinson Fish Fry June 2005
Roundtree Cajun Party Lake Charles, LA July 2006
Roy Family Reunion Covington,LA
     Cochon de Lait Oct 2004
     Cochon de Lait Sept 2006
     Cochon de Lait Oct 2007
Royal Aces Golf Club
     Fish Fry Oct 2009
     Bar-B-Que Nov 2009
Safari Carwash Jambalaya Oct 2004
School Leadership Center
     Annual Dinner Bar-B-Que Nov 2008
Seoane Christmas Party Dec 2007
Slidell Athletic Club
     Thanksgiving Dinner Nov 2007
     Christmas Party Dec 2007 - 2009
Slidell High School Mens Club Jambalaya Sep 2003
Slidell Memorial Hospital
     Christmas Lunch Dec 2007
     Casjun Lunch June 2009
Slidell Symphony Society
     Cochon de Lait Sept 2006
     Salon Concert Mar 2007
     Salon Concert Sept 2007
     Nutcracker Patron Party Dec 2007
     Salon Concert June 2008
     Salon Concert Oct 2008 - 2009
Slidell Street Antique Fair
     April 2002 - 2009
     Oct 2002 - 2009
Smith-Jacobs Wedding Cochon de Lait Houston, TX Jun
Soft Touch Car Wash
     Crawfish Boil May 2003
Solomon Cajun Party Nov 2008
South Eastern University
     Jambalaya Nov 2006
Southern Homes
     Crawfish Boil May 2003
     Crawfish Boil June 2003
Southern District LCMS Christmas Lunch Dec 2008
Southwest Airlines
     Bar-B-Que Picnic May 2004
St. Christophers Episcopal Church Roseville, MN
     Crawfish Boil Nov 2009
St. Martins Episcopal School
     Spirits Party Crawfish Boil May 2004 - 2009
     Golf Tournament Mar 2005 - 2006
     Soccer Team Crawfish Boil April 2006
     Faculity Crawfish Boil Lafreniere Park May 2009
St. Pauls School
     Jambalaya Oct 2009
St. Tammany Fire District #1
     Dinner Jan 2006
     Christmas Dinner Dec 2008
     Christmas Dinner Dec 2009
St. Tammany Parish
     Jambalaya July 2005
     Jambalaya Sep 2007
     Jambalaya Aug 2008
Statia Crawfish Boil Eden Isle June 2006
Strosnider Crawfish & Oyster Party
     May 2007
     May 2008
Sunrise Homes
     Crawfish Boil May 2006
T & A Ventures
     Crawfish Sausage
Tammany Yacht Club
     Fish Fry Sept 2002
     Fish Fry Mar 2003
     Bilge Parade Breakfast Feb 2004
     Fish Fry Mar 2004
     Lobster Boil June 2004
     Fish Fry June 2004
     Lobster Boil Nov 2004
     Bar-B-Que Ribs Dec 2004
     New Years Eve Dec 2004
     Fish Fry Jan 2005
     Lobster Boil Mar 2005
     Lobster Boil July 2006
     Fish Fry June 2007
     Lobster Boil Sept 2007
     Fish Fry Oct 2007
Tampa Graduation Party 2002
Taylor Cajun Lunch Oct 2007
The Equestrain Therapy Center of Slidell
     Day Camp Lunches June 2008 - 2009
The Good Life Smoke Shop Atlanta, GA
     Crawfish Boil June 2003
Thrivent Financial For Lutherans
     Dinner at Live Oaks Ranch May 2008
     River Boat Cruse Nov 2008
Thistrup Business Lunch Nov 2007
Tonry Law Firm Cochon de Lait May 2008
Torres Investments
     Thanksgiving Dinner Nov 2007
     Christmas Party Dec 2007
     Christmas Dinner Dec 2007
Toyota of Slidell Cochon de Lait Nov 2006
Trinity Yachts
     Fish Fry May 2002 (New Orleans)
     Crawfish Boil April 2004 (New Orleans)
     Crawfish Boil April 2005 (New Orleans)
     Crawfish Boil May 2005 (New Orleans)
     Crawfish Boil May 2006 (Gulfport, MS)
     Crawfish Boil May 2006 (New Orleans, LA)
     Fish Fry May 2006 (New Orleans, LA)
     Bar-B-Que Aug 2006 (Gulfport, MS)
     Crawfish Boil May 2007 (Gulfport)
     Crawfish Boil May 2007 (New Orleans)
     Cochon de Lait Aug 2007 (Gulfport)
     Bar-B-Que Jan 2008 (Gulfport)
     Crawfish Boil May 2008 (Gulfport)
     Crawfish Boil May 2008 (New Orleans)
     Crawfish Boil May 2009 (Gulfport)
     Crawfish Boil June 2009 (Gulfport)
     Fish Fry May 2009 (Gulfport)
     Fish Fry June 2009 (New Orleans)
     Bar-B-Que Nov 2009 (New Orleans)
Tulane Athletic
     Cochon de Lait July 2009
     Meet & Greet Jambalaya & Alligator Aug 2009
Tulane Law School
     Crawfish Boil June 2006
US Food Service Crawfish Boil May 2005
U.S. Coast Guard Jambalaya June 2004
U.S. Filters Christmas Party Dec 2004
U.S. Navy Joint Reserve Base Belle Chase, LA Jambalaya
U.S. Post Office
     Thanksgiving Dinner Nov 2007
Univar U.S.A.
     Christmas Turkeys Dec 2004 - 2009
Village Church Lutheran
     Crawfish Boil April 2005
     Jambalaya June 2007
     St. Louis Trip May 2008
     Crawfish Boil May 2008 - 2009
     Church Lunch Jan 2009
     Mens Club Golf Tournament Fish Fry July 2009
     Church B-Day Jambalaya Nov 2009
Wagon Wheel Festival Ecru, MS May 2007
Warren Properties Cocktail Party Aug 2007
West Wedding Apr 2007
Whole Foods Market
     Crawfish Boil May 2003
     Crawfish Boil May 2004
Windwad Inc. Christmas Party Dec 2009
Wininger Wedding Shower Cajun Party May 2006
Wild Turkey Federation
     Game Dinner May 2005
     Game Dinner June 2006
     Game Dinner Mar 2007
Wildlife and Fisheries Dinner Oct 2009
Williams Pest Control Fish Fry April 2005
Williams-Peyton Wedding Bayou Oaks Oct 2008
Wood Christmas Breakfast Dec 2007
Zelenka Crawfish Boil Covington, LA Mar 2005
ZEP Chemicals Crawfish Boil June 2006
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