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Bar-B-Que Chicken, Cajun Burgers, Smoked Brisket, Cochon de Lait, Smoked Chicken, Smoked Ribs, and Smoked Turkey
We specialize in Smoked and Bar-B-Qued Meats. If you don't see the one you want e-mail or call me. We can also smoke your wild game from your Hunting and Fishing trips.
(Deer, Ducks, Hogs, Fish and whatever else you might hunt or fish for)
Bar-B-Que and Smoked:
    Bar-B-Que Chicken: Spicy Bar-B-Que Chicken (1/4 chicken)

Cajun Burgers (1/2 lb): Cajun Hamburgers (1/2 lb of fresh ground beef and andouille seasoning)
Cajun Smoked Brisket: Spicy Smoked Brisket

Cochon de Lait (Suckling Pig): Smoked Suckling Pig seasoned in pork rub
Smoked Chicken: Cajun Seasoned Smoked Chicken (1/4 chicken)

  Smoked Ribs: Cajun Seasoned Smoked Ribs

  Smoked Turkey: Smokey Turkey injected with Cajun Butter

We bring our cookware and cook onsite for everyone to see. I have found that alot of people have never seen someone cook Jambalaya in a big pot, fry a turkey, boil seafood smoke meat or some of the other great dishes we can prepare for you. Alot of the dishes we do are better when cooked on site; such as the Jambalaya, fried foods, and the Bar-B-Ques.
Slidell, Louisiana
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